Where can I update to 1.3 version?

Where can I update to 1.3 version?
I find many guys use 1.3 version in youtube, 1.3 version update has a brand new Tilemap feature , but I’m still 1.2.25 version(bought from Steam).

1.3 is in closed beta. The open beta is expected to come out soon.

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Ok,get it.

How does one gain access to the closed beta? Is it a sort of extra payment or is it only for people like youtubers and such?

For now only select people (some youtubers) have access to the closed beta. I think I read on Twitter it’ll be about one or two weeks before the rest has access to it.

By that time you can get it by activating the beta channel on steam. Example: Aseprite - Beta
You’ll see a new post on the forum with the release notes etc. when it’s available.

So hold on just a little longer. :wink:


As per usual on this planet, It’s a popularity contest. The rich and the popular get premium access, so people like Adam Younis can show off a feature that has been available for free since 2000 on GrafX2. Which is what I’ll keep using until I can use Aseprite instead. Just sucks that after 20 years of using GrafX2 some Youtuber gets to teases me with an alternative that only exists for elite beta testers…

C’est la vie.

Hi @HoneyBadger, it’s not a popularity contest. I have selected some beta testers with different criterion (mainly users I trust, sometimes just for users that asked kindly).


Generally speaking v1.3 is not ready for a massive public release because the current bugs are too easy to find that that would generate a lot of feedback/user support requests for the same issue. So that is why it’s still in a small user base (and we have to enable live streaming it so beta testers could actually test, because much users work live streaming).

There were (are) plans for mid-April, but that will depend if we can fix most critical bugs. It’s highly probable that the first v1.3-beta will be still buggy anyway, but with a good level of reliability.


I see thank you for clarifying. I am sorry if my comment made it seem like I am not willing to wait, because I am very willing. I just was upset due to a misunderstanding of what was going on here. I was under the impression that only social influencers where permitted access, you know, as some kind of publicity stunt for the program. These fears have been laid to rest by your response. It’s good to know there’s not some sort of fame requirement to get early access. If we’re being honest. celebrities usually aren’t very apt to give good feedback on beta programs outside of “it’s nice and I’m famous so I would know.”

Thank You for your time @dacap.

any update man T.T

The update is already available on Steam beta branch. We’ll keep it there for some weeks so we can auto-update it quickly for all users that are trying it. And just in case if someone missed it:

Is there going to be an update on the humble bumble version

The update will be available through all channels in some weeks (maybe months), because it’s easier to fix/upload important bug fixes with this method.

Ok thank you :wink::+1:

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