1.2.21-x64 cli 'title' does not export correctly

Using the {title} --file-format value isn’t working correctly.

The command I issued is:
“aseprite -b asteroids.aseprite --trim --save-as {title}/{layer}.png”

I expected the output to be one folder named ‘{title}’ with four images inside.
What I get is four folders each named ‘{layer}’ with one image inside.

Welcome @beakus, I’ll take a look to this issue.

Actually the current implementation is confusing. We should use -filename-format in these cases. (The special format {layer} and {frame} where added in a later stage to -save-as parameter, so -filename-format is the one that should works.) For example:

aseprite -b -split-layers asteroids.aseprite -filename-format "{title}/{layer}.png" -save-as asteroids.png

Anyway I’ll take note to fix this in a future release because it should work directly from -save-as (the -filename-format makes more sense to complete the filename of the JSON -data output than for -save-as).