16x16, 32x32 and so on-Animation(again)

Yes, I’ve asked this before, but I’m still stuck on this wall until now

It’s too many movements and too much interlocking of limbs in and out…this’ the closest I can come up with

Any advice on how to really do movement?

Walking Pyramid 16x16

In the end, all I get is a fast weird dance

Reminder again that posts like this belong in the #artwork section.

Animation’s hard, because it’s not enough to just know how to animate, the component drawings also need to be good for the whole thing to look good. You’ve got “movement” already, what you’re missing is the anatomical knowledge of how walking works - how the legs bend, how the position of the legs corresponds to the position of the torso, how the hips twist as the legs move.

Look up videos of walk cycles and study them. There are walk keyframe charts available to highlight what to look for. Looking up “walk cycle reference” will get you plenty of both.


Here’s a more visual tutorial to get you going (pun not intended):

Try to copy the most important frames of the walk cycle and the leg positions in them. The in-between frames are just for smoothing out the transition, you can do that afterwards if you feel like it.

Thanks, I’m kind of confused, in part because I’m doing stick figures of a sort for practice