2 Questions regarding the use of the shading ink


Question 1: I often find myself going back and forth between simple and shading ink and it is always a bit of a pain clicking through the inks. Is there a way to switch between simple ink and the shading ink with a hotkey? I only found the ability to bind scrolling through inks on hotkeys, but I would like to be able to keep my hands on my tablet, not having to switch back to the mouse.

Question 2: Is there a way to export saved shades and import them in another Aseprite install?

Thank you!

hi, edit: no, what is in the preferences is all you can set up.
as for saving shades: it seems like it only saves shades as indexes from palette (the colours change for different files), so the best option would be to use palettes.

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Thanks for the answer!
I might just save the shades in an image then that I send around then^^

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You can set up a hotkey for each one:
“Set ink type: shading”
“set ink type: simple ink”
You’ll have to use two different keys though. or a key/key+modifier set to one. Lol, I have my mouse near the right of my tablet cause I use it all the time instead of remembering my hotkeys. I feel your frustration! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha. That works perfectly for me^^
Thanks! I had completly overlooked those commands (and the keybind search function :man_facepalming:)