2 tool questions :D

  1. What’s the function of the slice tool? (someone ilustrate me pls ;-; )
  2. What’s the difference between blur and jumble tool?
  1. The slice tool is to help you separate your art into a bunch of segments so that you can easily export them as separate files later. For example, if you want to make a bunch of item icons for a game, you can put them all in one Aseprite file but put them in separate, named slices, and then when you’re done with them all, you can have Aseprite export them as a bunch of PNG files names the same as each slice. I don’t think Aseprite currently has good slice export options in the GUI, but it can be done via the CLI.

  2. The blur tool blurs the area, blending the colours with their surroundings. It applies new, blended colours to most of the pixels (though in Indexed mode, these new colours get adjusted to their nearest valid palette colour). The jumble tool mixes up the pixels within the area it’s applied to, but doesn’t try to add any new colours. Jumbling just creates a noisy area that has the same colours as the original area did.
    You can see the difference very easily if you just try the tools out, especially in RGB mode (a small palette can make the Blur tool barely do anything in Indexed mode). In this image, the left side (tail) is blurred, the right side (head) is jumbled: