32x32 Crane Kick

(Nu)32x32 Animations

This is my 32x32 Crane Kick…any idea how to make it NOT look silly? I can’t figure out how, it’s the closest thing I could figure out from the youtube vids

I’ve been following your posts and in all of them you apparently… use the same number of frames for all phases of the animation. For impact we have phases: idle, anticipation, movement, overshoot and rest. Each of them has a number of frames. For example, anticipation has more frames than motion. It’s important to look for references of the movement you want to imitate and then simplify and get the “soul” of the movement. Look for the artist Pedro Medeiros’ tutorials, they are great. Sorry if there are spelling errors, my English is not the best. Site: Miniboss • Pixel art tutorials

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Thanks, I’ll look it up, tbh part of the reason I stuck to those frames was in part because I kinda do rote and was trying to “pass” the Udemy challenge first before really figuring out how to make something that looks remotely good…which somehow I have artblocks over

I submitted my latest awhile back