32x32 Run Cycle

I’m learning via Mr Mislav’s Udemy Class, I think I get the simple changes, but I need some more direct or picture/gif based info on how to do the Run Cycle

From what I understand, the third phase needs a slight jump and the arms need to be changed to be more open

1st 32x32 Walk Cycle

Here is one of my 32x32, I’m slightly confused or worried how I should make the arms “free”


It’s going well! Perhaps if you put a darker tone for the leg that is behind, it would give a better view of what is happening.

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Been a little too long since I posted this thread

But any advice for this, it’s my running cycle, finally got

1st 32x32 Walk Cycle

I’m trying to follow Mr Mislav’s advice, I don’t think it’s a proper run

My follow up’s kinda worse1st 32x32 Walk Cycle

have you tried just dropping it to 4 frames… Just making two poses basically. One Key and one passing position pose… You don’t even really need 4 you can get the feeling with just the 2 poses first before you flip the legs and arms for opposite sides…

No, TBH I was using the full walk cycle, I thought I just have to replace some bits for the run

Any links to ones that are step by step?

I don’t think you understood me. That is my suggestion for you. To Start over and just make two poses and get two poses working first. One key pose and one passing position pose. You have an 8 frame cycle that doesn’t have a strong foundation yet. You need to start over fresh. Focus on 2 poses only, not 8 poses. Its why your getting confused on what to do. . Get two poses to look correct first. Maybe show that first for feed back. Then you can reuse those poses to make the legs and arms look like the opposite sides of the body with a few tweaks. Trust me. focus on two poses again. You’ll have a fresh opportunity to re evaluate whats wrong on your own by doing this. .