3D Texturing Model Preview

Probably quite the ask, but I use aseprite to texture low-poly models. Not asking for some kind of 3d painter utility like substance painter, but the ability to preview my baked UV texture onto a model in a little window while I’m working.

Some sub-features I would have in this:

  • Free rotation, zoom, panning inside the window
  • Live updating while drawing
  • Render resolution downscaling, and vert snapping for crunchy poly goodness
  • Passive rotation on an axis
  • Ability to exclude certain layers from the 3d preview

dude, i think for that to happen aseprite would have to undergo major changes on the base code, it might be impossible with the current code base, also aseprite is not relly a program for that kinda of stuff you will have to be content with blender my dude
for this to work we might need a miracle we are programmers not gods.
but whats your opnion @dacap ?

Aseprite works well using an exported UV template from blender, all I’m suggesting would be a work-flow improvement.

This (blender) plug-in may be enough to get the same result:

Thanks for sharing this with me, never knew this was a plugin. I can just Alt-Tab between blender and Aseprite.

You’re welcome. It seems you’re using a single monitor setup? In that case you could also take a look into the “stay on top” feature it does not come by default in Windows 10 but OSX or Linux (depending on the window manager) may have it. You’ll be able to force blender to stay above any other active application. To get this feature on windows you can install a third party solution like explained here:

Definitely seems like it would be included by default, yeah? – Might be a worthy feature request for Blender. D:

I actually have two monitors, so I for sure can just put blender on one window, Aseprite on the other. When I pitched the feature I was having people who might just have one monitor setup in mind.