50% zoom on 200$ scaling to show the unscaled pixel size

Would it be possible for the 50% zoom on 200% scaling to view the real pixel size instead of blurring the image? I like to zoom out from time to time to check how the art looks on the base scale, would be much more efficient than exporting the image to 100% each time I want to check.

I tried all downsampling options but they kinda distort the image.

Or at least if that was difficult to implement, could it maybe be done for the preview window?

Hi @mhbali, probably for your case the best option would be to configure the Edit > Preferences > General scaling options as this:

  • Screen Scaling = 100%
  • UI Elements Scaling = 200%

In this way the 100% scale will match the pixels of the screen / base scale.

I did try changing the scaling options, but some UI buttons become very small and hard to use, and the cursor also becomes hardly noticeable.

I only was suggesting that the forced blur on 50% zoom would be removed or at least lowered to the 25% zoom level, or could be made as an option in preferences. But if it’s hard to apply/implement then it’s no big deal.