A better shape tool

Would it be possible to copy Paint .NET’s shape tool? It allows you to adjust the size and position after you have put down a shape, making it much easier to precisely draw rectangles and other shapes, especially large ones.


Also since I saw some people click the link, the link to Paint .NET is actually getpaint.net, .NET refers to the framework it uses.I really hope Aseprite gets this feature, it makes it much easier to draw big pictures.

This makes actually drawing shapes slower in most cases, so I’d prefer not to see this as the default shape tool.

The type of control you’re looking for is already sort of available with selections, at least when you’re drawing on empty pixels. Make a selection of the shape you want (rectangles, ellipses, and lasso for custom shapes are available), adjust it to your exact needs, then Fill (default shortcut F). Unfortunately, you can’t simply do this on top of existing art since the art on the current layer will get scaled with the selection, there does not yet seem to be a way to adjust selections only, before changing their pixels. That would be a more useful feature, since it would also double up as your desired shape tool, with the same number of inputs as in P.N :smiley:

I don’t care if it’s something you have to enable in the preferences, it would be extremely useful for my workflow. When I draw windows and other parts of buildings for my game I want it to be perfectly placed and it’s really tedious with the current shape tool to get it pixel perfect.

The selection tool doesn’t work the same way, if I make something like an outline rectangle smaller it will get scaled weirdly as opposed to actually being made smaller. Plus that requires me to switch over to another tool which is slower for my workflow. It’s really slow constantly having to redraw shapes until they get pixel perfect. Also I have no idea why I would use fill, that’d be slower. I usually use the shape tool for rectangles that are outlines only and then I fill the inside of the rectangle with blue to create a window or another color if I wanna make a door, the Paint .NET feature is way better for this.I really like Aseprite but without this feature exclusively using it for game asset creation is just not a possibility for me :confused:

Hi @Ekaterina_G, there are plans to include an alternative method to draw/position shapes on the canvas. Sometime ago cyangmou asked for the same feature:

In the issue #1387 there is a task related to this item.

Also related to this topic: Line, Ellipse, and Rectangle Placement


Thank you, can’t wait! :smiley: