Line, Ellipse, and Rectangle Placement


Note before reading: ignore the “x” at the end of paint.NETx. It is there just to prevent the text from becoming a hyperlink.

Coming from paint.NETx, I got really used to being able to create a circle (as well as lines and rectangles), and then modify/place it exactly how/where I want it.

I understand that some people may find this feature annoying as it would slow down the insertion process (in paint.NETx you have to press ESC or click off the shape to exit the “draw” step).

I can’t find any videos of this process, but for those curious to find out what I’m talking about, paint.NETx is free, so you can try it out yourself and see how it feels. The website for it is I don’t know how to remove the hyperlink from paint.NET or else I would, as it is just a website about actual, physical paint.

I don’t mean for this to be a shout out to paint.NETx or anything. I love Aseprite and just want to see it get better and better!

Pizza Cyborg

Not a full answer but a work around.
I think if you create one in a new layer then you could select it and modify the transform that way.

A temporal workaround is using the Space bar key when you are drawing a circle/line/rectangle:


Thank you for the response! I just tried it out and I actually like this method more than’s! It doesn’t slow me down or clutter up the History! Way to outdo other programs!

Please keep up the great work!

Pizza Cyborg

p.s. Let me know if I need to delete or edit this post since it’s been resolved. Not sure how things work around here.

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Don’t worry, I’ll leave this open because it’s related to #1387 the “Alternative mode to create planned rectangle/ellipse shapes before the final fill/stroke” item.