A couple fixes to the Aseprite file picker

The file picker in Aseprite is good but a couple things bother me a bit and I think it would be a pretty easy fix so here you go:

  • Selecting files with letters (like pressing A selects the first file starting with the letter A) is a cool feature but it doesn’t jump back when the file name starts with a letter that’s higher in the alphabet than the typed letter e.g. When I have a file starting with the letter G selected and I press A it doesn’t select the file starting with A because it’s lower in the alphabet, although I can without any issues select a file starting with H in the same way.
  • Regarding the same feature I think it would be useful if pressing the letter multiple times worked like on windows file explorer e.g. I have three files starting with B, when I press B while having nothing selected it takes me to the first file starting with B, but when I press it again it takes me to the second file that starts with B and so on. It would simply loop to the first file when it would be on the last one.
  • The last one I think is pretty important is Being able to input the file’s / folder’s path. It would be a very useful feature regarding that Aseprite is often used for game textures which often have long paths that are hard to remember. typing in a path like “%appdata%” is way easier to just type in than going manually through “C:/ Users/ / AppData / Roaming” or if the path is even longer it would be just possible to copy and paste it from the system file explorer.

Best regards :yellow_heart:

Thanks for your report.
Just in case. Did you try the native file dialog option?

Go to Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Use native file dialog