A Cup Of Coffee!

coffee shade

I recently did this today and whilst i’m still getting better at actual shading, I wanted to share :slight_smile:


Nice! looks great I would smooth the handle a bit, but that’s just me.

Thanks for the advice! I need to improve on my smoothness really, i tend to still work a lot with smaller work surface so still need to try and learn, any tips?

I would suggest watching youtubers that use aseprite like mortmort, https://www.youtube.com/user/atMNRArt/featured and in general for a more smooth line I would suggest curving the handle. To do this make sure it goes larger larger smaller(any amount) larger larger. I would suggest having the largest at each end of the curve!

btw when I copied it and put it in an image software, I noticed an orphan pixel(one all by itself) that isn’t really doing much. I would remove that or make the border of the cup a tiny bit wider for that spot in the top leftimage

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so I changed the curves, I added a shadow on the rim of the cup to add detail and a shadow inside the drink from the left side of the rim. Because the light wouldn’t be caught there(at least the cup gradient makes me think so) I would also suggest curving the white thing in the drink, is it an anchor btw? is this any better on the white thing? image I think at the very least it blends in better…

Oh wow, this looks much better! Im not really sure what i was going for as ive never known much kinda coffee art with milk/cream anyway, so kinda just made a random design in the middle!

I see what you mean about the shadows in the rim and the whole curvature of the milk/cream and the handle looks much nicer. Ive never heard the term orphan pixel before so thank you for giving me something else to learn today!

Thank you so much for the advice and guidance it is really helpful!!

Good luck man :slight_smile: would love to see more of your art :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: