A keyboard shortcut for swapping to default palette

Title is self explanatory. The shortcut possibility exists for other things like “load palette”, why not “load default palette”? Tbh, everything should be there (not necessarily with preassigned shortcut) just in case.

Might sound specific but you know, I’m the one working on a Mega Drive game.

Right now, I need to swap a large number of files to their new palette and it would help so much to have a shortcut. Ugh…

I already set up a shortcut for both going to RGB mode and indexing but if I cannot do “load default palette” in the same quick manner, it’s pointless and my workflow will be tedious as heck. :sob:

Hi @Gunpog, I think you could achieve this relatively easily with scripts, for example, you could have several scripts, one to load each of your color palettes and set it in the sprite (using Sprite:loadPalette() function):


(If you have to do a massive recoloring, it can be done through the CLI too using the -palette parameter:

"C:\Program Files\Aseprite\Aseprite.exe" -b my_sprite.ase -palette my_palette.gpl -save-as my_sprite_with_new_palette.ase

Or just doing a Lua script to do the job (loading and saving each sprite).

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Okay, thank you. I will look into it next time I need it.