A letter of appreciation

Hey Dacap! I hope everything’s ok. The motivation for this post is that I see a lot of whining, accusations and demands here and I’m sick of it. Aseprite is industry standard for a reason: it’s amazing and everything else sucks. When I first begin toying with pixel art, I saw in an article that Pyxel Edit was very good, and because and didn’t know any better I bought it. After learning how to use it, I started making stuff, but because the program is not very intuitive, I left it abandoned very fast, and pixel art with that. Some time latter I saw a tutorial in youtube and they were using Aseprite. It looked amazing so I bought it. That was…five years ago? I can’t remember to be honest. But it changed everything. My workflow was getting better, the animations were much focused and better and general it was an abysmal improvement.

I personally don’t work with in games or anything similar, I’m an animation producer, I just do it because I like it, that simple. And thank you man, seriously, you have done something amazing, an incredible program, and a unified community. So thank you, for my sake and for those that use it everyday to work.

I hope that you keep working on this in the future, or that you earn enough money to relegate that to others. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Borja Martin

PD: And to hell with the whiners.


Thanks for your kind words @Arkelao :pray: it’s always appreciated (and needed) to hear a few words of encouragement from time to time. I’m really glad to know that Aseprite allowed you to improve your animation workflow, that’s all I need to hear from artists :relieved:

Sometimes the amount of work is overwhelming, and I can understand that each user has its own problems with Aseprite so everybody is right in some way to claim some bugfix, feature, etc. I personally try to hear most of the users as it’s always refreshing to hear feedback (good and bad).

I hope we can continue working and bringing new features to Aseprite (and bringing Aseprite to new platforms) in the future, it’s a slow progress, but it’s the time we need. Cheers!


I agree and sign this letter of appreciation, too!

Aseprite has become my go-to image editor, and it really is a fine tool. It deserves more praise, less flak.

I award this medal of appreciation to Aseprite, drawn in Aseprite