A suggestion and concern regarding the GIF image opening mode.


First, please forgive me if there are any grammatical errors as English is not my native language.

I have been a user of this software on Steam for many years, almost since its launch. I am very happy to see it gradually adding many new features over time. However, there have been two major issues that have been bothering me for all these years.

First, there is an issue with GIF images. Every time I open any GIF image, if its first frame is not transparent, it will open in the “Background” layer mode. In this mode, all transparent colors fail to display correctly. However, when I open the image with an image viewer, it displays correctly, indicating that I have successfully drawn it. But in Aseprite, I have to manually edit it several times to display the transparency correctly.

I once thought this was due to the nature of GIF images not supporting transparency well, but I discovered that as long as the first frame of the image is transparent, the GIF can display perfectly. This means that the software actually has full support for GIF transparency.

Second, whenever I open any GIF image, the default color mode is “Indexed”. I have to manually change it every time I edit, which involves cumbersome color conversion operations.

For a small to medium-sized game with hundreds of GIF assets, these two issues are a nightmare.

What I mean is, since Aseprite is fully capable of my ideal functionality, which is to use RGB color mode and not use the Background layer mode to open GIFs, why not provide some setting options?

I strongly hope the developers can add two settings in the software:

First, do not use the Background layer mode at any time.

Second, by default, open any GIF in RGB color mode instead of Indexed, and load the default palette directly.

I can clearly state that I am not the only one facing these issues, and I believe these functionalities should not be too difficult to implement. I hope the development team can add these two features.