A Thank You Letter To the Devs!

This is just a message to let the devs and the people who worked on this absolutely amazing pixel art program that all of us users are incredibly grateful for providing us with the greatest pixel art creator in the world. The application is so intuitive, and I hope everyone who worked on this is proud of themselves. Love to the devs! -DV

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put this on site feedback category

Oh ok xD I didn’t know I could do that :confused: Thanks though!

Thanks for your kind words @David_Valcarcel :pray: we’re always thankful of all users that provide feedback all the time, we couldn’t make this possible with all of them :heart:


Agreed - amazing little big app :slight_smile: been using it flat out for a project for the last like, 2 and a half months, and discovering new features and ways of doing things all the time. Very stoked :slight_smile: Great jobs devs!! :smiley: