A tool faster then selecting, dragging, and rotating


As seen in the GIF above, the proposed broom tool would push pixels in the direction of the cursor’s circle while holding down left-click. Using the broom tool while already on top pixels would drag them along. Holding right-click would only drag/push pixels that are the foreground color.

I doubt this is a niche thing, but a tool like this would accomplish something that I could only do with multiple keyboard shortcuts and a lot of effort. Aseprite has had many updates that have reduced the time and effort of doing pixel art. A tool like this seems as if it would help further that goal.

Also, conceptually, this makes a lot more sense than a smudge or smear tool in terms of pixel art. This Idea would even function faster than selecting and dragging occasionally.


I’ve never considered such a tool. Could have some interesting uses!

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This seems like a neat idea, but I’m struggling to come up with use-cases for it that aren’t just fun playing around. (But then, I can also find plenty of uses for an indexed Smudge tool, so maybe we just approach pixel art very differently xP)

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Hmm interesting! Could potentially be useful for animating tilesets and such!

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Not sure I like the way it’s presented currently, but I have been wanting kind of a warp tool like in GIMP. Used to drag pixels around in a smooth way without antialiasing and interpolation and smearing them out by replicating pixels you are dragging based on a slider that determines how “heavy” the smear is.

The main issue with OPs tool I think is user input being jittery, especially using a tablet.