A Tribute to Italian actor Aldo Fabrizi

I very often do tribute art.
This is a tribute pixelart dedicated to this great actor of the past.
Comments are very welcome.
The pixelart is inspired by an old stage photo, firstly elaborated with PixageFx Software, and then used as a low res background image, used as a reference to draw the pixelart manually with Aseprite.
Comments and impressions are very welcome.


Did you make all that?

cuz if so THAT IS SICK!

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Yes I like very much to do these pixelart portraits… Thanks

If you liked Him you will love these:

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… I can’t see it
I know you posted some kind of image but I can’t see what it is.

Its some images made by me and published on Instagram

ill have to look at it on my home computer.
( I’m on a school Chromebook and TBH it sucks )
ill reach back to you when I check it out.