Ability to select unused colors over multiple layers

This is a nice feature but it becomes nullified when working with large projects with lots of layers-- this would be excellent if you could use this feature across several layers at once, so that you can easily clean up your palette for your whole project.

You can do that in aseprite right now! If you go press options above the palette window > select > then select either used or unused colours, then press delete to just delete. This persists as every colour used throughout all layers, even hidden and locked.

Alternatively, you can also choose New palette from sprite in the same options and have a palette made up on all the colours that is currently on your canvas.

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ok I think I know what I must’ve been doing wrong-- if you have a cel selected, it only selects unused colors of that specific cel. That’s actually great, I didn’t know this, I was trying to select multiple layers instead of selecting cels. Awesome thx !