Ability to use Eyedropper in Color Replacement selection

Would love the ability to use an eyedropper and click anywhere on my canvas to select colors either when choosing to replace a color from original and to the new color selection. The ability to see it live update in a preview before applying changes would be cool too.

At the moment it’s annoying to have to use the eyedropper tool, grab a color code and then try and tweak it without being able to see what it would look like in the artwork, or when trying to change a color to something that is already being used elsewhere in the artwork.


hi, pixelhybrid! you can do that. when replacing colours click on the colour swatch and drag to select the colour. ;]
it will also show updated graphic as long as preview option is checked.
it will however only show preview just for one active layer (like other transformations) - that’s aseprite’s limitation for now.

Hi Olga,

I didn’t think to do that, thanks so much for letting me know! This is a huge time saver as I find the clicking of the HEX code and copy-pasting it into the formfield to be a bit finicky at times, especially as I am using my Huion Pen instead of a mouse.

Appreciate your help :grinning:

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