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Lately I’m thinking that the Artwork category in the forum might be a little off topic from Aseprite. What do you think we should do?

  • Keep the Artwork category
  • Remove the Artwork category

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Voted to remove. I’ve had it muted for quite a while, as I feel it just gets in the way of seeing the posts I come here for. I love giving feedback on art, but that’s not what I’m in the mood for when I visit this forum.

I think it would be better for people seeking art feedback to use Pixelation or the Pixel Joint forum, where they’re more likely to have their art seen by people specifically out to help others with art. The pixel art community is fragmented as it is, and this forum is just helping with that fragmentation.


Voted for no, thought i agree its gets on the way sometimes, it does generate some very good discussions some time


I joined only recently and don’t feel like my vote would be an informed one. But I have some notes to share.

  1. The Categories page shows that Artwork gets the most posts per week. This alone should not determine its fate, but is a fact to keep in mind.
  2. I did not realize that the community is seen as being fragmented, that sounds like a real world problem and needs the most consideration. If the Artwork category does get removed, perhaps a pinned post, or wiki page, can list some suggested sites where one can start sharing and exploring pixel art. Speaking as a newbie, I would find such a list really useful; A search engine will suffice, but recommendations from the community itself are preferable.
  3. If the Artwork category does stick around, perhaps a (strongly recommended) posting policy whereby art is posted to one of the recommended community sites, and then linked here. This ensures interest stays here while strengthening the pixel art community as a whole.

I can only agree with all of you! : )

On one hand: The Pixel Art community is really fragmented, and the Artwork category here doesn’t help.
On the other hand: For lots of new people to Aseprite and Pixel Art is more comfortable having technical and art help in the same forum.

The best solution I can see is the one that @Wesbot suggested: Writing a “sticky post” (can that be done in Discourse?). That sticky post could have links to Pixelation and/or Pixel Joint, and a suggestion for the ones that want more detailed feedback to go visit those forums.

What do you all think? @dacap @eishiya @Ethan_Buttazzi

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