About the Bug Reports category


Did you find a problem with Aseprite? Is it doing something unexpected? Report a bug/problem in the program. Remember to include the specific Aseprite version that you are using (v1.1.13, v1.2-beta9, Steam, portable, installer, etc.) and the platform (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, etc.).

You can use this category to post discussions about:

  • Something is not working as you expected.
  • Something is not working on your computer.
  • The program just crashes :disappointed_relieved:
  • If you want to know how to do something in particular, you can use the Help category.


In case of crash on Windows, you can send the the memory dump file (.dmp file) to support@aseprite.org:


Closed topics = Fixed bugs

We will close bug report topics after releasing an Aseprite version that fixed those bugs. Then you can open another topic linking the closed bug in case that you see that the problem is still present in the new version.