Add description field to tag + export to JSON


I’ve been using Aseprite with the command line to export sprite atlas with JSON data. It works very well and allow an efficient and practical loading in my game of the sprites.
However, it’d be a huge help if I could put some more information about an animation in the JSON data. For example :

  • “is it supposed to loop ?”
  • “should another animation be played after this one ?”
  • “is this animation tied to a specific direction ?”

For now, I’ve been able to put some of theses info in the tag name, but that have its limits (and is a bit ugly too :stuck_out_tongue:).

So, that would be a huge help if there was an extra field “description”, (optionally ?) exported to JSON. It could fit quite a lot of usage too.

Also as a side note, when exporting several sprites to JSON, the tag data is no longer exported. This is not really a problem because it is possible instead to export individual sprites to JSON then merge all of those, but maybe this is not intended ?

Anyway I’m a huge fan of Aseprite, and it’s already an awesome as is. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: