Add hotkeys for specific brush size, please

I want hotkeys to be added in the menu, so I can change the brush size by simply pressing numeral keys to get the size I need. “1” for 1px, “2” for 2px, “3” for 3px, etc. Up to 10 would be fine.
Same for eraser.
I don’t like to constantly tap “+” and “-” back and forth.
I use tablet, so I don’t use MMB+Ctrl.

Please, don’t tell about brush presets, it is constantly binded by textures, so it is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

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What do you mean that it’s not an option? That’s exactly what I would suggest, since you can have as many custom brushes as you want. Even if you use them for textures a lot you can still fit in a couple of custom brushes that only pull out a brush size that you put on specific hotkeys.

I guess the real limit for brushes currently is when you cant press the save button anymore cause it goes outside of the screen lol.

Man, I told not to talk about it, okay? Why you doing this?
There are certain reasons, why I don’t want the size of the brush to be messed with presets.
I’m a professional artist, sometimes I get real troubles with my workflow.
I’m constantly adding brushes, editing them, clear and do it again.
I’m not okay with being always aware, that there are my brush sizes also mixed there.
I just want the size to be hardcoded in hotkeys.

More important, when you use a preset, you can’t use the eraser of different size.
You can’t change the form of the brush - rectangle or round on the go.
That’s crucial.

Using presets is not an option like at all.

Because I wanted to make sure you weren’t excluding a solution for no reason.

Anyway this can probably be done easily with a script.

Im not that good at the scripting but something like this in a lua file will set the brush size to 3 (but wont reflect in the UI).

local brush = app.activeBrush
brush = Brush(3)
app.activeBrush = brush

Then you can just bind the script to a hotkey.

Maybe someone who knows how to script can help improve it.

Actually simply

app.activeBrush = Brush(3)

might work.

Just go into file -> scripts -> open scripts folder -> make a text file -> paste it in and save it, then rename it from .txt to .lua -> restart aseprite -> run it via the scripts menu and see if it works.

Then you just need to make 10 scripts with 10 brush sizes and hotkey them in keyboard shortcuts.

That was a good advise, thank you.
Still, not an option too.

Can’t use same hotkey for brush and eraser. It’s switching to either one of them.
The script turns off, after you choose another tool.

I do think maintaining the brush size when switching to other tools should be a built in option tbh, but I think we can still create another script to switch to the eraser and just keep the current brush, however this wont work if you switch to the eraser by flipping the pen.