Add images as layers (Like reference layers, but editable and can be moved around the canvas)

Hello, i would like to suggest the ability to add images as layers, i like the feature to add reference images but the problem is that i cant edit them, they are useful in many ways, but for example when im placing an image as a reference (AKA for size comparison) its very useful as i know how big is the sprite going to be. Another example is when i make paintings with my sprites, i open a painting image and i want to place a sprite in it, i cant, and i have to go to another editor and then go back to aseprite, and i find it sort of annoying… Also i think the name of the layer should be the one of the image selected

I think this can be related to scenes/composition issues, also mentioned in this topic.

Hi BenGogh… I don’t understand your problem? I can open an existing png image of mine and then draw on it okay. Once I just had to change it to a layer from Background, but that was no problem. Also, you can copy paste the reference layer to a new layer, and then it’s editable.
Am I being a bit thick and missing the main point of your problem? Sorry if I am :relaxed: