Add option "Select all cels of this layer"

Hello, I would like to suggest something, it is the option to add “Select all cels of this layer” in the context menu of each cell.
This automatically selects all the cells of the layers you have selected.
When you have several layers and many cells (for example, right now I have 66 cells in a GIF) and you want to select all the cells in a layer, you have to keep the cursor centered on the region of the cells you want to select, if not, you will select cells from another layer.
That is why the “Select all cels of this layer” option is faster and more convenient.

Hola, me gustaría sugerir algo, es la opción de añadir “Select all cels of this layer” en el menú contextual de cada celda.
Esto selecciona automaticamente todas las celdas de las capas que tengas selecciondas.
Cuando tienes varias capas y muchas celdas (por ejemplo, ahora mismo yo tengo 66 celdas en un GIF) y quieres seleccionar todas las celdas de una capa, hay que mantener el cursor centrado en la región de las celdas que quieres seleccionar, si no, seleccionaras celdas de otra capa.
Por eso la opción de “Select all cels of this layer” es más rápida y cómoda.


Unless you’re trying to do something more specific like copying cels or something, you can select the layer itself and it will do the same as selecting all cels if you wanna use replace color and so. The same thing is true for the frame, if you click the 1,2,3,4 etc to pick frames, it’s like selecting all the cels in the frame.

I am not sure I understand what you mean.

You mean that if I select the layer by clicking on the name of the layer, will that select all the cells?
I’m checking right now and that doesn’t happen.

No estoy seguro de entender lo que quieres decir.

Quieres decir que si selecciono la capa pinchando en el nombre de la capa ¿eso seleccionará todas las celdas?.
Lo estoy comprobando ahora mismo y eso no sucede.

It doesn’t actually select all the cells, but it’s equivalent to it for most purposes. What are you trying to do that requires selecting all the cells?

I’m using “Link” and “Unlink” often, so something heavy is done.

Estoy usando “Link” y “Unlink” a menudo, entonces se hace algo pesado.

Ah, so you’re looking for a way to quickly link/unlink all the cels on a layer? Yeah, the only way to do that is to select all the cels ): It might be possible to write a script to do it though.
(In the future, it would be easiest for others to understand if you state what you’re trying to do rather than just say the intermediate step you want. There are sometimes other approaches that don’t require the intermediate step.)

I think what would be nice is if you could use the Home and End keys (the same keys as the First Frame and Last Frame buttons) together with Shift to select everything from your currently selected layer to the First or Last frame. That would make it easier to modify large swaths of the animation, and would be more flexible for large animations than a button/menu to select everything. So, if you do want to select every cel in a layer, you could go to the first frame, select the cel you want, and then press Shift+End (or Shift+Last Frame button) to select everything from that cel to the last frame. If cels in multiple layers are selected, then all the cels between those and the respective final cels should be selected. It would work nicely with the current UI and and would not introduce new concepts.

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I thought I made it clear in the first message.

I prefer the option to click on the layer with the right mouse button and add the option Select all cells.
if you want to select all cells of several layers then select several layers and do exactly the same.
I prefer this method because it does not force me to raise my hand to press Shift + cursors.
The method of adding the option I say seems faster.

creí haberlo dejado claro en el primer mensaje.

yo prefiero la opción de pinchar en la capa con el botón derecho del ratón y añadir la opción Seleccionar todas las celdas.
si quieres seleccionar todas las celdas de varias capas entonces selecciona varias capas y haces exactamente lo mismo.
yo prefiero este método porque no me obliga a levantar la mano para pulsar Shift + cursores.
el método de añadir la opción que digo me parece más rápido.

Hey just want to add my +1 to wishing for a ‘select all cels’ option that is better than click/dragging and wiggling my mouse to scroll-- an additional keyboard shortcut would be really useful to me (or right click menu option)… click/dragging over 500+ frames is really time consuming. This process should be avoided if one uses linked cels correctly but, I make a lot of mistakes in my artistic process and end up having to delete large swaths of cels, then duplicate the edited cel and then link them.


Okay, oddly - this is a problem that I faced myself and is trivial to solve with a script/plugin/extension. Just as a note - there’s no other way that is natively implemented in Aseprite that I know of that could do this, if I’m missing something please let me know.

Here’s a preview:


You can download the extension HERE, it’s a direct link to my Dropbox, I think I’ll include this feature in one of my other extensions later.

And here’s the Lua script that makes it work:

            local cel = app.activeCel
            local frameNumbers = {cel.frameNumber}

            for frameNumber = cel.frameNumber + 1, #cel.sprite.frames do
                if cel.layer:cel(frameNumber) then break end

                table.insert(frameNumbers, frameNumber)

            app.range.frames = frameNumbers