Add option to change color box

Hello, I would like to suggest an additional button to the color replacement box.
The button has the text “OK and other” for example, it means that the current color is changed and another can be changed afterwards.
Currently only has the “OK” button, when you press the box closes and you have to reopen it to change a new color.

Hola, me gustaría sugerir un botón adicional al cuadro de reemplazo de color.
El botón tiene el texto “OK and other” por ejemplo, significa que se cambia el color actual y se puede cambiar otro seguidamente.
Actualmente sólo tiene el botón “OK”, cuando lo pulsas el cuadro se cierra y hay que volverlo a abrir para cambiar un nuevo color.

Hi @SynthED, do you mean the possibility to keep the window open with an “Apply” button that doesn’t close it, right?

Actually it’s a little tricky because the Replace Color is a filter with a preview (maybe removing the preview could give us this new possibility).

But removing the preview would be a joke.
Can not add a new button that does not close the window and allows you to continue changing colors ?, that is, change all the colors you want while keeping the window open.

Pero eliminar la vista previa sería una joda.
¿No se puede añadir un nuevo botón que no cierre la ventana y que permita seguir cambiando colores?, es decir, cambiar todos los colores que quieras manteniendo la ventana abierta.

Here is how it could work (the window could have three buttons, “OK”, “Apply”, “Cancel”. First case:

  1. You open the Replace Color window (the preview is enabled)
  2. You press “OK” and everything works like right now.

And the second case:

  1. You open the Replace Color window (the preview is enabled)
  2. You press the “Apply” button to replace the color, the window is not closed (but the preview is disabled)
  3. If you change the From or To color the preview is re-enabled and you cannot go back to the sprite editor until you press “OK”, “Apply”, or “Cancel”

By this I’m saying that you cannot have a functional sprite editor and the Replace Color preview working at the same time. One of the two must be temporally disabled.