Add "Set Color" to Cel & Layer Properties Panels

Quality-of-life request. I tried making a script that accomplishes this, but my results were limited.

Minor Inconvenience: when I want to apply a UI color to a cel or layer on the timeline, I need to click at least 3 times on the respective Properties panel.

Possible Solution: Make the “add a UI color” to a cel or layer feature directly accessible on the Properties panel. I’ve included a demo of one possible UI solution, albeit one that removes the ability to fully customize the color.

Cel Properties Extended


I really like this suggestion. Custom colours could be possible with a “…” button that brings up the colour picker.

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i would love to have this for layer properties too.

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About this, there are already plans to improve the “user data” on all dialogs to reduce the number of clicks. The idea we had is that clicking the “user data” icon should expand each dialog with the new data, and that is kept visible until you press the icon again.

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