Adding new features to aseprite: is there a process?

Hi. I’m interested in coding new features for Aseprite. I know if I wanted to develop something just for myself it’s no big deal (I’ve already done it), but if I wanted to develop something to be put into the main application, it seems like I should need to get the ok from the main devs, at least for whether the feature is wanted and how the ui should work. Is there a process for this?

FYI, I’d like to develop the tileset system up to allow the full range of Aseprite’s drawing features when drawing tiles (layers, symmetry, animation, etc). I currently have a vague notion of how the UI might work for this, but I think some discussion could yield a plan for a solid ui: non-obtrusive and easy to use.

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Hi @Violgamba,

I realize you’d like to hear from the developers, but in the mean time: I don’t remember you mentioning the contributing document or the CLA. Here are the links to those on Github: contributing, contributor’s license agreement (CLA). Some of the instructions may be unclear in your case and would have to be hashed out. For example, after re-reading, I don’t know if PRs from the public are solicited for the beta branch (where the tileset system is currently developed) as they are for the main branch. You could also browse issues with the features tag, There is a pinned thread for tilset features.


This is exactly what I was looking for. thank you for all of this info, @behreandtjeremy!