Additive Blending feature


I use emissions with some of my 2D sprites and have to save them out on different textures, so I use different layers in Aseprite, but I can’t really see what they look like till I put them in-game. I use screen blending, but our emissions are done via additive blending. Any way to get this basic blending feature working or is it working and I just don’t see it? Thanks!


Hi @EML, Aseprite provides standard blending modes [1][2]:

But there is no Additive Blending, (“Linear Dodge”). I’m taking note, maybe in next version.


Thanks @dacap. That would be super-helpful. Great software!


For the next version (final Aseprite v1.2):

Making a glow effect

Thank you SO MUCH! That will be awesome for emission textures in Unity!


This feature is included in Aseprite v1.2 (released today)

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