Aesprite Update Windows 10 issues

Hello, after the v1.2.16 update, the software seems to be a bit sluggish. Painting with the brush skips a lot of grids and when I use the eyedropper tool to pick a color and change the HSL, the brush doesn’t paint it in the canvas. I got a totally different color(grey) instead of light green.

The middle of the frog shows grey but the HSL thing shows the color that I wanted.

Hi @tynar08, are using an indexed sprite or RGB sprite? You can check this from Sprite > Properties > Type = RGB or Indexed.

In indexed mode you can paint in the canvas with the palette colors only, so that could be one problem, here some information about color modes: Aseprite - Docs - Color-mode

Another possibility would be the color profile from Edit > Preferences > Color > Window Color Profile = Use sRGB Color Profile (from some reports it looks like non-sRGB color profiles on Windows might not
be working correctly since the introduction of this color management function several versions ago).

You are absolutely correct. I was in indexed sprite! First time I used this setting. Thank you so much.

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