After using the Snipping Tool on Win 10, the mouse pointer disappears

Very weird bug, but after using the Snipping Tool in Win 10 Creator’s Update to take screenshots my mouse pointer vanishes from the screen and actions like zooming out become unavailable, until I close Aseprite and reopen it.


I have the same problem, but not using snipping tool. In fact, it happens almost each time I change windows. I mean : I am drawing in Aseprite (using any tool), then I browse some websites with Firefox => when I come back to Aseprite : no mouse pointer. Sometimes I can see the pointer lagging 15 sec then vanishing.

(Windows 10 64 bits)

I’ll try to reproduce this on Windows and find a solution.

I tried to reproduce this bug and I wasn’t able. Are you using a Wacom tablet, or the Windows Surface pen? or just the mouse? Do you have a software like OBS running in background or any kind of software that modifies the mouse behavior? (e.g. Razer drivers)

Maybe this issue is related with “All the tools stop working

I was able to reproduce the bug (even the pointer lagging) just one time doing some random stuff with pointers/pens (wacom + windows stylus). Now I need to understand the exact steps that reproduce the issue, but at least now I know that I might be able to reproduce the problem in my PC.


I re-installed aseprite and my wacom drivers, the problem still remains, BUT this time if I press alt+tab 2 or 3 times (which means: go to other tabs for a while) and return to aseprite, my tools start working again

I’m having trouble reproducing it again, don’t know if there was an update on Windows/Aseprite that solved the bug. o.o My tablet is an old bamboo one, so maybe it’s a driver problem? Weird.

It’s definitely a driver thing. I realized I used the old Wacom driver 6.3.25-5. As Windows didn’t propose me another driver when I tried to update, I assumed it was up-to-date.

So I went to the Wacom driver webpage and saw 6.3.27-2 was the last one. I installed it, and now the mouse pointer disappears way less than before, and like @Nabuco if I press alt+tab 2-3 times everything works again.

Hi, I have this same problem too. It’s quite frustrating !! It happens only sometimes too, so I’m not sure what the cause is!

I use an old Wacom tablet so I’m up-to-date, not sure how this suddenly happened but I never had this problem before :open_mouth:

Any fixes in the meantime? At the moment I see this is as the universe telling me to focus on my freaking work haha

I just bought the program yesterday and this has been happening to me all the way, I hvent been able to use it, since I have to chat usually with my clients and is super frustrating. I use an old bamboo tablet,
what might be the solution?

Should I use an older version or is there a new version coming soon?

I’ll try to release a new version with a possible fix next week.


So awesome to hear! Thanks!

@_agumon @Bruno @Yuushia @2dchaos would you like to contact me at I have a special version with a possible fix so you can give it a try.

Just sent you a mail

I’ve published v1.2.7 today which should contain a fix for this issue. If the issue is still present, we will need some extra fixes :sweat_smile: