All the tools stop working

Hello, I do not know if someone also has this problem but when I use Alt+tab in my Aseprite and I do anything on the pc (check websites for example) and when I go back to the aseprite my mouse does not work, my keyboard commands still work(like Alt+Tab/ Alt+F4…) , but the clicks of my mouse and my pen Tablet do nothing.

The cursor appears when I pass it through windows explorer, but inside the aseprite, it disappears.
Already tried re-installing and nothing works

Aseprite Version 1.2.4 x64
Intuos Draw

Other people reported this too:

I’ll take a look to this issue today.

@Nabuco is this problem always present/reproducible? did you try alt+tab to reactivate the Aseprite window or clicking the taskbar icon? what version of windows are you using? (vista/7/8/10)? do you have some special software installed on your computer that change the behavior/appearance of your desktop/windows?

Well, it’s not in every Alt+tab i use but happens frequently…Yes already try to reactivate =/ (windows 10)
No, no software installed but this started to happen when I started using OBS Studio, I do not know if the cause is because even when I’m not recording, this happens

The problem still here, does anyone know something?

I’ll testing this issue right now with OBS Studio open just in case to check it’s related to it.

Still here, same problem…
i have a issue using my wacom tablet with Windows 10. I use Alt+tab to do anything else in my PC and so, when I go back to my aseprite, all the tools stop working, i cannot even click on them, the only thing i can click and my computer can do something is the Windows tools (Minimize, expand and close)

@Nabuco would you like to contact me at I have a special version with a possible fix so you can give it a try.