AI-aided drawing, is it possible?

I’m really bad at drawing but I’m really passionate about it, but it takes time and dedication and I’m dying to create my first game NOW… So I would really appreciate if you could add a feature that would help me draw so much better. For example, if I draw a stick figure, the AI would be able to suggest next frames for it (based on the original drawing) …more like how onion skin works, you will see the next frames, but with this feature, AI would be the one suggesting those next frames, you can either accept it or ask for more possible next frame suggestions which the AI would have to come up with again based on your original drawing (frame 1)

Is this feature possible or having the AI come up with suggestions based on your drawing too complicated to code?

It is possible now with modern AI technologies, I presume, but you will have to find a neural networks specialist who will be so happy and eager do dedicate a lot of time (and therefore money) to create such super plugin (or separate software). And it will take a while. The problem is to find a specialist. Will you?

To do most of this AI stuff in a reasonable time, you’d need a GPU with compute cores, which not everyone has. Programs like Clip Studio Paint get around this by doing the AI stuff in the cloud, but a program like Aseprite cannot do that.

Getting the training data for this would also be quite difficult, as it would need to both know about good ways to animate things and be able to deduce what you want from data as limited as low-res pixel art is.

I feel like if you’re in the situation where you can’t draw, you probably wouldn’t be able to make great use of what the AI creates anyway, and if you need to get things done quickly and are willing to accept rough AI results, you’re probably better off using stock art anyway. it’ll be even faster than using an AI, and you can still tweak the art to suit your character designs if you want, while learning from it, gaining skills to use when you do have time.

try looking up the 12 principles of animation, it will help.