AI for tweening or exporting different fps

This is probly a bit of a moon shot feature, but it would be super amazing if one day there could be some system for tweening done by an ai. The “Dain App” is currently the only solution. I’m sure it’s a difficult problem to solve, so if it never happens, that’s fine. It would just be really cool if you could one day draw a few keyframes then render out different fps’ from that.
I imagine something similar could also be done for rotating things.
Here’s the dain app site for those who haven’t heard about it: Dain-App 1.0 [Nvidia Only] by GRisk (only works with CUDA 5 cards, so I can’t use it…)

There’s a script available for Aseprite that does something like this:

It’s not AI driven, but it does a pretty good job.

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Yeah, that one just does positional tweening. Unfortunately I am doing a little higher res organic-ish stuff that takes a lot of nuance. I may use that plugin for the initial bones, though.

Dain is unfortunately not amazing at tweening pixel art. Even with a lot of tweaking (such as scaling the image up x3, applying dain, and then scaling back down) the results require a lot of manual editing.

I think that auto tweening would have to be really good to actually be useful in practice. It’s great for higher resolution stuff though.

I’m may try writing a plugin some time soon. My solution would likely just give you a solid-color shape with a volume between both frames and shape interped some. You’de then just reshape a bit and color it. I think any saved time on tweening would help ase in the commercial industry. Even if it’s just saving a bit of time per frame, that’s big for full-time animators.