Alt Scroll doest work in the tile palette

so i thought i alredy had post smething like this but after seraching i apparently did not, so i think y’all know that if we press alt and use the scroll of the mouse we will scroll throught the colors on the palette, so i think it shoul be the same for the tileset “palette”, but when you try to it scroll trhought it it just scroll through the normal palette which is more annoying than it appers to be,

PS: also if you try to scroll throught the tileset the actual color palette scroll doest update the selected thing, it will do that until you reopen aseprite.

hello can anyone respod to this query

Ok im appeling right now @dacap pls just fix this tiny but annoying issue.

chill out, ethan. i have like 5 bug report threads no one responded to.

Known issue, but I’m not sure if there is an issue related to this.

I’ve just created it: Fix Alt+mouse wheel to scroll through tiles when we are in tiles mode · Issue #2956 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub