Alternate Grid formats?

I love this software and so grateful to the developers for keeping it reasonably priced and not going with a horrible greedy subscription model - to me it shows you truly care about your users and community. So please keep up the great work!

My humble feature request is this: would it be possible to add alternate grid formats, eg hexagrid, triangular grids as units of pixels instead of just square units? Would open up a lot of possibilities for the software and art medium.

I could not find this already listed in the features request forum but then again I know you guys get tons of them all the time so any consideration is appreciated. Again, thanks for the awesome software you guys rock!

You can emulate any grid by drawing your grid repeatable block, selecting it with Marquee tool, making custom brush with Ctrl+B and then filling layer with Paint Bucket.

Though this way you will not be able to select grid cells, paint inside them, etc.

Real alternative grids (at least hex-grid and isometric hex-grid which is brick grid internally with different offset between rows) were already suggested as a part of Tilemap layers (maybe on GitHub issues).

If I’m reading their post correctly, I think they’re asking for non-rectangular pixels, rather than non-rectangular grids in the usual sense.

While a very cool idea, I think it’s better suited to a vector editor. To support shapes like this in a fundamentally raster editor like Aseprite would require a major rewriting of a lot of functionality, and would needlessly impact performance on the pixel art tasks that most people use Aseprite for.

Tile layers with alternative grids would be a pretty decent alternative though, since then the user could use solid-coloured tiles for pixels, and use the various Tile drawing tools.
The program Tiled can also be used for this, and may be better-suited since it has a wider variety of tools for “painting” with tiles. It also already supports hex and iso grids, and with some set-up, I think it can be made to work with triangular tiles as well. The problem with that is you need to have your tiles pre-made, you can’t just arbitrarily pick colours. You could make a tileset that contains every colour you’d need though, could even auto-generate something probably.


Oh… So they meant something like Marmoset Hexels… I see now. We don’t need this in Aseprite, I suggest, except maybe special Grid modes (where pixels still square, as you mentioned), but not pixels.

But we can easily write a lua script to Pixelate any sprites like that from higher resolution ones.