Am I allowed to make art for my game with the complied version of aseprite?

Hi, I am new to this forum and aseprite. And I am having doubts if I am allowed to use the complied version of aseprite for my game. I saw in the FAQ that I am allowed to use this version for commercial purpose. But, I wanted to be sure and ask about it. I know I am kind of cheating the devs and not paying for the software, but, I have no way of paying as I am a teen and don’t have a job and I don’t want to spend money on something that is my hobby. But, I will be trying to fill the gap with making many art I make free for the community (If I am allowed to use it) Thanks, and Happy Christmas everyone :snowman::santa::christmas_tree::smiley:

“Free for commercial use” does mean that you can use it for things you earn money from. So yes, it is fine to use for your game, even if you end up earning money from it.


You mean that for the complied version right? And will I be getting updates?

That applies to any version, compiled or purchased. Anything you make with any version of Aseprite is yours to do with as you see fit.

You’ll need to compile new versions yourself.


Oh, they are not auto updated inside the software itself, makes sense. Thanks

Yeah, no auto update feature. This is why I encourage you to buy Aseprite when you’re able to, it makes your life easier when updating and supports its awesome developer at the same time, win-win :slight_smile:
Still, good job at compiling it yourself. I couldn’t be bothered, I suck at building software from source on my own :smiley:

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Thanks, then how often are the updates? I would have liked to buy it but, I can’t.

You can check here if a new update is out. Though we haven’t had one since august.

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