An option to flash a layer when clicking on it?

This has probably been brought up before, but I noticed that the app Pixel Studio has a neat feature which makes the elements on a specific layer blink when you select their layer. I thought this is so useful cause I’m often a little confused about what is on what layer in aseprite so I have to keep hiding and unhiding layers, just to check. Is there any option or possibly a plugin that would accomplish something similar? If not, this would be a very useful thing to consider implementing at some point, I think.
Thanks for hearing me out, lemme know if I’m missing something (:

Hi @sugarcybe ,

Welcome aboard! Try going to Edit > Preferences > Experimental then checking the box that says Flash layer when it is selected. Click the Apply button, then Ok, then try selecting different Aseprite layers. It looks similar to the video you posted.


Hey thanks, that works pretty well! It has the drawback of only triggering when you use the arrow keys and won’t work if I’m clicking between them, but I can deal with that, probably. thanks a lot (:

Huh. I switched to the Move Tool (shortcut: V), made sure the Auto Select Layer checkbox was active, then clicking around on the sprite canvas worked for me. Are you talking about selecting layers in the timeline?

Yes, I mostly navigate between layers by selecting the layer in the timeline, using the move tool with auto select layer makes it a bit convoluted for me, I think.

Yeah, I can see how extending a layer flash to work with timeline changes would be helpful. You may want to change the title of your post to clarify what you mean.

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