Animated icons I have made for people using aseprite

That is what people ask me for, although at some point I hope to make animations for my own purposes with it, which I have not had cause to do in a while. Aseprite has been a massive improvement over my previous methods, drawing individual images in Paint Shop Pro 6 (circa 1999) and more recently Clip Studio Paint’s animation mode, which is rather poorly designed.

for roshiyu. As soon as I learned the details of the task I realized I needed better software to be able to pull it off, and found aseprite shortly thereafter. That was in April, I believe.

for mightyrat. People love their ratfolk.

for foxcrimson. the floating movements were a bit tricky since aseprite does not support “symbols” in the manner of Flash, so any nudged instance of an image must be totally distinct from the original. This had 12 layers before I merged them all except the background, so that I could begin the nudging phase.

for plaguerattus. this only has 7 layers



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Thank you! I was impressed at the results compared to the past.

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These icons are so epic. They’re above and beyond what I imagined could be done with Aseprite, holy cow. Great work!

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Thank you! Being able to switch to the next and previous frames with a single button press, and also being able to wrap around from the last frame to the first, makes it much easier to extend the length of the animation and create smooth loops than any other system I have tried. Being able to make changes in many different places with minimal navigational hassle is crucial.


the good, the bad, and the bowtie for Lizzy MajP Ampharos

rodentia brush yer hair? for Akvo

deflotterFor Jazz Otter,

Second-Hand Dork for kingodin gosh it looks small next to those other ones! Usually I blow them up to 400 or 500 for display.

botany bat for goldquiver
this one was sketched in tvpaint first since it was longer and larger than usual and seemed like it would benefit from tablet pen pressure sensitivity, but most of the deed was done in aseprite.

I imagine I could do more with this than dopey icon commissions for people (and there are yet more than this), but I have old matters yet to finish!


They are all great and I especially like the last one. Your animations are excellent!

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Thank you! That is the most complicated one I have done so far.