Animated PNG export

I’d like to be able to export animations as animated PNG files instead of each static frame. Animated PNG files are way more useful to me than the very limited GIF format, and I was very surprised to find nobody had even mentioned their existence here. I need to emphasize how hugely important it is that I be able to do this. I know they’re a relatively uncommon animated image format, but I see this as rather high priority for my personal use.

EDIT: After a bit of digging, I found that the animated PNG format handles frame data very differently to GIF’s, and it seems like Aseprite only lets you configure it according to a GIF’s frame data. This may be a bit more of a task than I had expected, I didn’t realize GIF’s were that bad… The simplest difference is that animated GIF’s have a single delay value, which seems to be in milliseconds. APNG’s have two delay values, a numerator and a denominator to specify an exact fraction of a second. I haven’t gone through the entire specification, but this does make things seem a bit more complicated to implement. Does the ASE format only support milliseconds as well?

I’ll connect this topic with #1702 which you already saw it.

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