Animating with Layers

Hello, I just got the program after watching some tutorials. I like the format.
but I ran into a problem when I tried to animate with multiple layer like you would in Photoshop(where I used to make Gifs) but I couldn’t manipulate the layers like I wanted and all the tutorials I watched just manipulated the same layer.
is it possible to animate with layers in this program?

for a little more clarity, I mean hiding a layer on a frame, then on the next frame, unhiding it.

If you want the contents of a particular layer to not be in a frame, you’ll need to delete the art in the cel for that layer in that frame.

If you’re using linked cels, you can have the linking skip over the frame(s) where they’re gone, so you don’t need to duplicate the cel data.

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ok, I think I get what your saying. so deleting an image in one cell doesn’t delete it in others?

Correct. The cells are all independent (unless you explicitly link them).