Animation doesn't feel fluid

I’d like to make this Slime Animation more fluid and real

Slime 1 Animation

Should i change the bottom?

Should i add more frames?

Should i practice further with squash and stretch principle?

Thank you for the help in advance!

Maybe you should add some squashing after landing?

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I tried that but then it feels strange how the slime stops his movement, I’ll try another time, thank you!

Your timing & spacing isn’t accurate.

Consider that the while falling down, that blob should be constantly accelerating until it hits the ground. The falling starts right, but it seems to be slowing down before the impact.

After it hits the ground and squashes - it’s the opposite, the Blob should start the jump at full speed and gradually decelerate until it starts falling back to the ground.
ATM it starts jumping slowly and gains more speed afterwards, which makes no sense.


Thank You!