Animation looping through non selected tags

I’ve been working with tag to loop my animations in a single file for a character, but today I’ve been having a very strange behavior in which, even though I select a specific tag to loop through it keeps jumping through other tag loops. It’s very annoying to see the loop all broken and skipping, and I’m not sure if I’ve messed up but it was working a week ago.
My version is v.1.3.2-x64
I’m running on Windows 10.

Video evidence:

Okay, I’ve found that it was the option in play “Play subtags & Repetitions” that was breaking (?) my tag selection. I don’t know how I toggled it, but I fiddled around enough and found out it was that. Sorry for the inconvenience of the topic.
I’m not sure it will help future users, so I’m not sure about erasing the topic.