Animation Sprite Sheet export

I’m fairly new in Aseprite but so far I really love the tool ! so easy to work with :slight_smile:
only one thing is missing in my opinion ^^ :
I love the way tag wok, and how easy is to create animation along a single timeline and test them quickly,
but when I got to export them, I can only export them into a sprite sheet one by one, and that kind of long ^^.
on my timeline I got tons of emptry frame, or frames that are not tags (some contains test, pallette, and other stuff that I dont want to delete, but dont want to export ^^).
I wourld like a way to export a sprite sheet where, each row will be one animation (so one tag), and inside this row all the frames of that animation will be contains (all frames not tags will not be present in the exported sprite sheet then).

maybe we can already do that and I miss it ? (that will be so awesome !)
otherwise I hope it could be integrated along the way at some point :wink:

let me know if you guys had the same kind of issue,
or how you are doing to export and update sprite sheet with lots of animation :slight_smile: