Animation tips for fighting postures

Hi good people. I was wondering if someone knows any kind of 3d software to create cool stances and fighting postures, not to make the whole animation, but only to figure out decent body positions that would be the key frames when bringing it to the 2d pixel side. I tried Blender and it seems really good but its kinda hard to learn how to use that interface and I feel that I dont really need so much stuff like that. I believe some of you may remembrer a old snes game called “Ballz” A 3d software that allows me to create a 3d model similar to those from Ballz would be great, being able to manipulate the shapes and the joints in a very basic way. Usually I like to animate first using stickmans like this>

or just by moving basic shapes and joints and redoing when needed >>


anyway I think a 3d software would be very helpful in those methods of animation.

Hi, U can try this plugin for AE (Duik), or if U need comprehensive 3d animation tools in a lightweight package with great help.chm and without retarded fancy modern UI, I think gMax is a way to go. It’s great for prototyping, free, resource friendly (by todays standards) and it is over 10 years old!
Of course, if U want to go full bad motherf***er, try Maya attach PaintFX to bones and sky is the limit, but, I guess U already know that…
Hope this helps.