Antialias convolution matrix


First post here. Based on blur-3x3-hard, I’ve made a 3x3 “antialias” alpha channel matrix that I like to use myself (by editing the convmatr.def file). Manual work still gives the best results, but this is usually helpful and sometimes even enough to round those outer edges nicely.

I’ve tweaked it to some extent, but possibly there’s still room for improvement. Here’s the matrix – use it as you like:

antialias-3x3 3 3 1 1
  { -3  8 -3
     8 16  8
    -3  8 -3 } auto auto a

hi! thanks for sharing. stupid question: where do i put it? i’ve tried to add it to convmatr.def but it didn’t appear on list. creating convmatr.usr and convmatr.gen files in same directory as convmatr.def didn’t help either.

Hi Olga!

Took me a while to figure it out as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

It can be added to the convmatr.def file, but after changes you’ll need to reload the matrices from “Reload Stock” button in the Convolution Matrix window.

thank you! interestingly that was what i’ve tried first time, but it didn’t work even after restarting aseprite few times. but now it worked even without the need to reload stock :]]
i only think it works for me slightly better with target to rgba than just alpha. i wish i understood how convolution matrices work. :expressionless: