Any option to change the pencil opacity via shortcut?

Any option to change the pencil opacity via shortcut? I’m talking about the A0 - A250 value. In photoshop I would simply press numbers 1-9 to to choose the opacity percentage for rapid color layering on a canvas with a brush. But it seems I can only do this in Aseprite by moving the cursor to the bottom left color palette settings and manually set it which is rather time consuming. Hopefully there’s a quicker way to alter the opacity of the pencil?

Hi @duke,

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can assign a change in opacity by going to Edit > Keyboard Shorcuts and looking under the Mouse Wheel category for Color: Alpha. (The inputs were inverted when I tried them, so scrolling down increased alpha.)

If you need it to be a keyboard shorcut, I don’t know if that can be done via the menu. A last ditch effort would be to write a Lua script like this

local step = 1
local oldColor = app.fgColor
app.fgColor = Color(,,,
    math.max(0, math.min(255, oldColor.alpha - step))

and then assign a shortcut to the Lua script. This is a script to decrease the opacity of the foreground color by one step. You’d want to change it accordingly to increase the opacity, to change the step, to change the background color, or to set the opacity to a fixed amount (like 128 out of 255).

Best to you,

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Great thanks