Any way to save/reuse x,y coordinates?

Good morning everyone,
for days I have a doubt…

Is it possible to save somehow the coordinates of a layer to reuse it?
I’m trying to make an animated character generator and it is annoying to have to repeat the same layer movements every time I make a new object.

Is there any way to create a macro or configure it like the masks in sony vegas (that can be saved and reused)?

example object
example hair

hi, yacker!
sadly, no, there are no macros or a way how to save coordinates. the only thing which comes to mind is to use path animator: Path Animator Script by Gasparoken.
since it uses a drawn line as a source for animation path, you can save and reuse that.

if you’re looking for coordinates to be used in a script, then yes, you can get and set position for each cel via cel.position: api/ at main · aseprite/api · GitHub

The first one, although it looks interesting, doesn’t work for me, apparently the sprite path I’m making has points where they step on each other.

The second one I’m still trying to make it work, but it’s the closest to what I wanted to do.
well… it’s time to learn how to make a scrip.

you can make the paths with crossing points:

Okay, so I was surprised.
Thank you very much Olga_Galvanova.

Now I will see how the results turn out.

Although it works, it’s not what I’m looking for.
I don’t deny that it is useful, but once you have something pre-made it is very difficult to fit the parts together.

eisen fail

Hi @Yacker, I think a possible feature to move group layers as an unit could be a possible future solution for these cases (so moving the group would move all children relative to the group position).

A scriptable workaround is possible too, but a little complex to script. In case you need to do this several times, I can try to script something for you next week.


Hi dakcap and thanks for taking the trouble.

I have some programming knowledge
(not been able to apply it for years)
although I’m a bit lost with aseprite and scripts.

I don’t know how complex it is, but something that could be useful, is that you could take a reference point/pixel and that this point is accommodated in its new x/y position in each frame, moving with it the image of a secondary layer as Path Animator does, but more precise.